Coronavirus (COVID-19) and caring for your baby

We know this is a worrying time for everyone, and that you may have particular concerns if you are pregnant or have a baby or have kids. We have put together the advice on coronavirus (COVID-19) and caring for them that is currently available and will keep updating this as we know more.

If you have a young baby, continue to follow public health advice:

1.Continue to breastfeed your baby if you are doing so

2.It is important that you continue to follow safer sleep advice to lower the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)

3.If you show symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) try not to cough or sneeze on your baby. Make sure they are in their own separate sleep space such as a cot or Moses basket

4.If your baby is unwell with a cold or fever don’t be tempted to wrap them up more than usual. Babies need fewer layers to lower their body temperature. 

5.Always seek medical advice if you are worried about your baby – either linked to coronavirus (COVID-19) or any other health issue


Post time: Apr-29-2020